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so, i got requested to do a review on the new maybelline color tattoo 24hr cream eyeshadows! i just got this one in Battle of the Bronze. there are 10 shades, and i got mine at target for only $5.99. so far, all i have done is swatched it. it’s pretty smudge proof and hasn’t yet budged in the past 3 hours on my hand. this week, i will be testing it with primer, without primer, with a shadow on top to set it, and without a shadow on top. so far, i really like this product. it stays put and is very pigmented. i’ll keep you guys updated. will it be able to keep its 24 hour claim? (:

  1. differentagain answered: It works so great; I love it! I don’t have color, I have the Pomegranate Punk and the Fierce & Tangy, and they both look so great!
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